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sat nam,  
welcome to spirit rising


our philosophy:

life is for living - it deserves to be enJOYed & enJOYable, for all


Bringing more of the good and juicy bits to you and me brings more of the same to this big blue planet. We only have one planet, you only have one body, and we have one life to live - when we look after one, we nourish and support all of these amazing parts and systems.   


Being in and creating the world with more awareness, bringing our dreams and hearts into the world - that is what we love to do, and we love to help you do the same.


Join us, and find out how yoga and meditation can help you to relax, to heal, to strengthen, to relieve stress and live from your own true self, knowing who you are, and your place in the world.         ......more here





what's coming up  





Good Vibes - Emotional Healing Meditation Course

 starting 26th October - 4 weeks

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BRISBANE - 8 & 9 Nov

Soul Clarity - Soul Power

Who is running the show of your life??
Let your soul be your pilot: find out how and get plugged in!

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Weekly Classes

Thursday nights 6.15-7.45pm

Bellingen Public School Hall


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Weekly Classes - during school terms with Brie and Amelia

Thursday afternoons (during school terms)


4.10 - 4.50pm

Bellingen Public School Hall

5-10 years.

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Private Healing, Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Tune into 'you' in person here in Bellingen, or anywhere via Skype, one-on-one or groups, adults and children....

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embodiment | experience | awareness | vitality

Look to the Earth and to the Skies,  and in your looking, learn this mystery:
That you who look to the Earth and to the Skies
Shall be given eyes to see,
Shall be given eyes to make you wise Eternally.       
         Kenneth Meadows


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